Meet the Team

Phill Baxter

Co-Owner and Boss

Hi my names Phill and I am your powder coating pro.
As a fully certified Cerakote applicator, I am currently one of the only certified applicators in the north of the UK, which is a monumental development to PB Powder Coatings. In my spare time, I love to spend time with my kids and wife, being outdoors and making memories.

If you have contacted us via any of our social media platforms it’s me you talk to 😉

Dave Platts

Co-owner and Diamond Cut Dave

Hi I’m Dave and co-owner at PB. I’m also known as as Diamond Cut Dave as one of my roles is to operate the CNC machine for diamond cutting,  alongside many other roles in the preparation side of our business. My favourite things outside of work are motocross, golf and cycling. What makes me happy as a director is the team I have around me at PB which always leaves our customers wowed.

Simon Hall

Head Painter

Hi, I’m Simon. I’ve been in the motor trade for over 30 years, paint refinishing for the high spec of the motor trade such as Aston Martin, Audi UK, BMW UK and for press and celebrity customers. My favourite role at PB Powder Coatings would be projects that ask for special colours finishes.

My hobbies include running to a high level and racing pigeons – yes this is a sport! And my favourite food would be spaghetti bolognese.

I’m proud to be part of this fast, ambitious and growing company!

Alan Fraser

Head Prep-man

Hi I’m Alan, aka Big Al or Arnie as some call me. My role at PB is mainly prep. This is from taking wheels off cars and tyres off wheels ready for stripping, then back on once finished. I can then straighten wheels if needed. Plus, welding in the deep curbing marks/cracks if needed and shaping so you would never know it was even repaired!

This job at PB is the most satisfying for me when I see the before and after pictures of the things we do in the amazing choice of different finishes. Also, seeing the very nice expensive cars come in is a bonus for me!

Kylie Baxter

Company Secretary

Hi, I’m Kylie the company secretary. I enjoy chatting and getting to know customers old and new. I’ll be the one to answer your calls and be there front of house to greet you with a smile 🙂 I enjoy working as part of PB’s team and we all work well together. It’s nice working with different kinds of cars and bikes from classics to new. When out of work, I love family time days out and eating out with my husband and kids, also watching films together and games nights. I love a good shopping trip and trying different kinds of foods.