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Magifoam Custard Snowfoam

Magifoam Custard is back! An insanely delicious custard Snow Foam that smells and looks so good!

1 litre



Back by popular demand!

Magifoam Custard is a firm favourite here at AD HQ. Taking all the features of the original Magifoam pre-wash snow foam and remixing them into this new and improved custard-coloured and delicious vanilla custard scented bottle of pre-wash perfection. Smells so good you might want to go and grab a spoon!!

Creating a thick blanket of custard yellow coloured snow foam that will cling to your paintwork, encapsulate dirt, debris, and road grime lifting it safely away from the paint for a swirl-free wash experience.

Routine can be dull so why not bring some fun into your pre-wash routine and enjoy the creamy goodness… with Magifoam Custard!

  • Powerful yet gentle, active cleaning agents
  • Insane custard, stable dense foam – dwells up to 10 minutes
  • Wax and sealant safe, Ideal for all year round cleaning
  • Very economical
  • Vanilla Custard Fragranced
  • Works fantastic in the Autobrite Snow Foam Lance