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Palma Violet Snow Foam 1 litre

A stunning Pre wash snow foam, vivid purple colour with an amazing Parma Violet fragrance!

1 litre



Parma Violet Super Foam is a fun twist on our popular Super Snow Foam! Producing a thick vibrant purple foam with a luscious Parma Violet fragrance this is a snow foam that you will love!

Parma Violet Super Foam is a thick mousse style biodegradable foam that is ideal for removing light dirt, dust, and debris whilst being completely safe for all LSP’s making it ideal for regular washes.

Especially suited for summer use where dirt and grime don’t accumulate as much as during the winter months.

  • Superior cleaning action
  • High Foaming
  • PH Neutral
  • Produces a thick even blanket of foam
  • Amazing Parma Violet fragrance
  • Vibrant purple colour