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Pink Sheen Satin Finish Plastic Dressing 500ml

Non greasy, anti-static, satin plastic and rubber dressing, Satin finish plastic and rubber dressing, perfect for all interior plastics.



Pink Sheen is a is a versatile, specialist silicone based cleaner and satin dressing for interior & exterior plastics, vinyl and rubber surfaces. Pink Sheen will leave a professional ‘as new’ look to your car and leaving it smelling so good. Pink Sheen is also ideal for all your cockpit areas such as dash boards, consoles, instrument clusters & door panels. Pink Sheen also works very well on your engine bay plastics and rubber hoses.

Pink Sheen is a sprayable dressing that can be sprayed directly onto surfaces, then wiped and buffed with a microfibre towel. Or to avoid contact with other parts of the car such as glass etc, Pink Sheen can also be applied to a microfibre towel then wiped and buffed onto the surface. Pink Sheen will leave a non-greasy, non-sticky finish but will leave that elegant, satin look.

Pink Sheen also prevents dashboards from cracking, fading and splitting due to its protection characteristics. Pink Sheen cleans, enhances and protects.

  • Pleasant floral fragrance
  • Superb Matt-Satin Factory finish
  • Cleans shines and conditions
  • Long-lasting matt/satin shine for all vinyl and rubber surfaces
  • Repels dust and dirt & lasts for weeks

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Product Size

5 Litres, 500ml