Brake Caliper Painting

Having the brake calipers or brake drums painted on your vehicle makes it stand out from the crowd, and nothing can beat making an amazing impression with your beloved car or motorbike.

Caliper painting uses specific, high-quality paint that can withstand extreme heat, poor weather conditions and road debris to leave you with a long-lasting sports or luxury finish. There are lots of different colours to choose from, and we know a lot of our customers prefer contrasting, stand out colours… What were we saying about making a good impression!

All you need to do is choose your colour, book your car in with us and let us do all the work for you. Oh, and we also work on a same day turnaround!

There are different options you can choose for this service:

We can paint the calipers on the vehicle in-situ where they are professionally masked up, and the vehicle is protected as the high heat paint is applied. We will need your vehicle for the day to do this.

The other option is to bring your loose calipers in (off the vehicle). They must be stripped of all pistons and sensitive parts. They can either be painted, powder coated or Cerakoted.

You can also add any colour decals – free of charge!

Our technician will discuss with you what’s best for the vehicle


Autobrite Direct After Care

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