Cerakote For 3D Print Application

Leading UK Certified Applicator Of
In A World of 3D Printing

At PB Powder Coatings, we are one of few, certified Cerakote applicator specialists within the UK. 

Cerakote is a high-performance coating that can withstand extreme temperatures and has an extremely hard-wearing surface. The superior Cerakote paint coating contains a unique blend of ceramic particles that have been sprayed onto the surface, which then crystallises and covers the entire surface.  

The overall properties of Cerakote provide a more durable coating than other coatings such as paint, with high hardness and strength.

Benefits Of Cerakote​

The unique benefits of using the Cerakote coating is that it is extremely durable, abrasion-resistant, and corrosion-resistant, making it ideal to protect almost any surface. From metal items, such as exhausts, manifolds and machinery, to general woods, plastics and polymers. 

Cerakote is also designed to enhance aesthetics too, by providing a unique finish with enhanced colour options, combined with distinctive patterns. 


So many different industries are enjoying the innovative finishes of Cerakote for their products, including one of the latest fastest growing manufacturing technologies with the use of 3D Printing. being able to print with different polymers (even metal!) to create working parts within shorter time frames for a cheaper price than Standard manufacturing methods.

Cerakote can help Strengthen and protect your quality print by;

  • Preventing moisture absorption from Cerakote’s hydrophobic qualities
  • Providing a thermal barrier that can prevent the print from high temperatures
  • Strengthening your plastic prints from wear and tear to a longer lifespan
  • Chemical resistance to acids and solvents, protecting against solvent reaction


With Cerakote having a vast number of colours and finishes to choose from, you can take your 3D prints from looking simple to comparable to an injection moulded or anodised machined part.

With the access to 3D printers from your home, see how we can transform your personal prints today!


Why Choose PB Powder Coatings For Your CERAKOTE?

As one of the leading UK applicators of Cerakote, we are ahead of the industry with this world leading, thin-film ceramic coating solution. 

It is almost impossible to find a certified UK applicator of Cerakote, that specialises as intricately as we do at PB Powder Coatings, and we are constantly expanding the items we work on. 

Let us help you innovate your next project, by requesting a quote today.