Smart Repairs

Vehicle Body SMART Repair

SMART Repair is your car repair best friend.

It stands for ‘Small, Medium Area Repair Technology’ and means we can fix just the damaged area of your car without replacing the entire panel, bumper or section. This means SMART Repair is immediately more cost-effective than other methods of bodyshop work.

By using the latest paintwork technology, we can blend the new, repaired area of your car into the rest of the area so you would have no idea it’s even been repaired!

On most jobs, this will be a quick process. We aim to turn this around within one day so it doesn’t cause too much inconvenience for you!

By adding this to our arsenal, it now means you can come in for your paintwork repairs done and combine them with other services! For example, if you came in for a bumper corner SMART repair, you could have your tyres changed at the same time.