General Powder Coatings

We use the best powder coatings equipment available, giving our customers an unrivalled powder finish and all-round service. No cheap machinery that won’t guarantee long-lasting finish, everything used is high-end.

Powder coating works by applying dry colour powder to a metal surface, before ‘baking’ the colour onto the surface using heat to form a hard finish. The colour powder is applied electrostatically using a power gun. This means that it is sprayed on using compressed air, passing over an electrode in the gun. This gives the powder a positive charge, which is attracted to the ground metal surface. It is important that metal pieces for powder coating are properly cleaned, ground or sandblasted before they go to the powder coaters so that the colour will stick to them.

Powder coating can be used on any and all metal items, and we see a whole host brought to us:

  • Bike frames
  • Alloy wheels
  • Dog cages
  • Full car and motorcycle parts
  • Go-kart frames
  • Garden furniture and garden decorations
  • Metal fabrications
  • Decorative items

Powder coating leaves your wheel (or whatever you bring to us!) with a high-gloss/satin or matt tough finish. This advanced finishing process is used for a wide range of parts and materials so whatever you have in mind, we can probably powder coat it!

It can be used as a decorative finish but also functional to protect your item from moisture, chemicals, heat, cold, UV light, grime, scratching, corrosion, fading or bleaching.

Unlike other services, powder coatings are available in almost limitless colours and textures! Check out our RAL colour chart here which only just scratches the surface (pun intended!) of what we can offer.


Autobrite Direct After Care

Given that there are so many elements that can affect the coating, after care is just as important as the process itself.

We like to think of after care like sun cream. If you went out without it on, you would see the damage caused by the sun pretty quickly on someone’s skin. The sun is just one element that can taint your powder coating results, so make sure to take care of it once it has left us.