General Paint Spraying

General paint spraying is an excellent alternative for items that can’t be powder coated. Unlike powder coating, which is for metal fabrications, this paint is stoved at a very low temperature which makes it ideal for plastics. We service a whole variety of items that come through our doors such as:

  • Bike frames
  • Fuel tanks
  • Motorcycle fairings
  • Wing mirror covers
  • Plastics (of any sort) 
  • And much more 

One thing we see often is customers coming to us with textured trims from their cars, vans, bonnets etc. We can smooth out the texture on them using general paint spraying for a brand new look!

Simon is our Head Painter and with him, you’re in excellent hands. He has over 30 years’ experience and is a highly respected painter in the industry. He has sprayed for the likes of Aston Martin, Audi UK and BMW UK! Find out more about Simon on our Meet the Team page.


Autobrite Direct After Care

Given that there are so many elements that can affect the coating, after care is just as important as the process itself.

We like to think of after care like sun cream. If you went out without it on, you would see the damage caused by the sun pretty quickly on someone’s skin. The sun is just one element that can taint your powder coating results, so make sure to take care of it once it has left us.