Vapour Blasting

Aqua blasting, vapour blasting, wet blasting, vapour honing, dustless blasting, or slurry blasting.… Call it what you will, but this service does exactly what it says on the tin.

And it does it brilliantly too! It allows us to blast the item so that it is scrubbed totally clean, meaning no need for repainting! It also provides a permanent satin finish. It removes dirt, contamination and corrosion whilst leaving your component aesthetically enhanced… win, win!

It is a non-aggressive process which leaves the item in its original condition and gives a finer finish. How? The mixture we use is just water and white aluminium oxide to get the exact finish we want, getting rid of all unwanted material and dust.

Unlike traditional sandblasting techniques, vapour blasting doesn’t contaminate the surface by embedding into it.