Cerakote Ceramic Painting

Cerakote Ceramic Painting is one of our newest and most exciting services. It’s an industry leading thin-film ceramic coating that can be can be used on almost anything from metals and wood to plastics and polymers.


So many different industries are enjoying the innovative finishes of Cerakote for their products, such as:

Cerakote for 3D Printing

3D Printers all over the world are printing with different types of polymers to create new parts in shorter time frames and with cost reductions that would never have been achievable with traditional manufacturing methods.

Cerakote for Aerospace

Our inorganic formulations allow for maximum durability, excellent UV stability, extreme chemical resistance, and consistency across multiple substrates.

Cerakote for Automotive

Cerakote is the global leader in the manufacturing of thin-film automotive ceramic coatings. More OEM, aftermarket, and custom shops choose Cerakote for its industry leading performance.

Cerakote for Bicycles

Cerakote has a single coat paint application that yields a weight reduction of 80-100 grams (on average) when compared to powder coat or other paint-based coating applications.

Cerakote for Fishing

Professional anglers looking to extend the life of their fishing reels, rods, and gear can depend on Cerakote’s industry leading coatings for restoration projects or maintenance

Cerakote for Fitness Equipment

Regardless of what you’re looking for in your fitness equipment, Cerakote offers the premium performance finish you need for world-class corrosion protect, wear resistance, chemical resistance as well as limitless customization possibilities.

Cerakote for Kitchen & Bath

Cerakote is an ultra-durable ceramic finish allowing for greater design potential without sacrificing performance. Cerakote’s broad range extends from bright whites to unique metallic finishes, making it possible for your fixtures to fit seamlessly into every design style.

Cerakote for Oil and Gas

Tight tolerance parts such as threads and valves are generally left uncoated. Not only does Cerakote have the industries leading corrosion protections, it is applied the entire part , including the most difficult threads, valves, and impellers

The benefit of Cerakote is that not only does it look awesome but it offers a robust and strong shield against the elements. Because of its excellent finish and durability, it is available for all types of items!

Here are just some of the things it protects from:

  • Abrasion and wear resistance
  • Corrosion resistance
  • Chemical resistance
  • UV resistance

Cerakote is also that thin it is perfect for smaller components that require re-assembling!

A certain series of Cerakote – the high heat series – is unrivalled and can withstand 1000C (colour dependant). This is perfect for exhausts, manifolds, machinery etc. that work with high heat. The film applied is so thin that you could coat a nut and bolt and they would fit together as if nothing had changed. We can also do clear protection for something highly polished to keep it that way!

Now imagine this for your exhaust…

Check out the flexibility Cerakote offers…