Autobrite Direct After Care

After doing extensive research into different car care manufacturers, we believe Autobrite offers the best range of products, aftercare and transparency on caring. 

That’s why we chose to team up with them to become Gainsborough’s only stockists.

We have a range of their products which will continue growing according to demand.

Car detailing is not just about making a vehicle look good (although this is a big part of it!), it’s about keeping your car in the best possible condition.

  • It will last you longer, perform better, cost you less in repairs and be an all-round excellent vehicle for you
  • It will improve the resale value over time as the paintwork will be protected and the appearance of existing marks will be improved

As official stockists, we can recommend the best product for your detailing needs.

Whether it’s wheels or washing, decontamination or polish, or protecting and finishing, let us know and we’ll happily give you our recommendations!

For all demonstrations on getting the best out of your products, head over to Autobrite Direct’s YouTube page!